PROFEED - Профессиональный инструмент подачи кормов

Control system of cattle feeding process
Balanced rations at the mixer for one day

Get access management for feeding on your farm


Where do the problems start? — 
Lack of system!

Feeding is a complex mechanism that successfully functions only if all processes work coordinately. But most owners and specialists of dairy farms manage the feeding process manually and, due to the high load, do not have time to pay proper attention to the control of the distribution of feed, which leads to a decrease in milk yield.

We should be 100% sure that we know which components and number of it, we will give our animals.

PROFEED is the point of no return Starting using it and you will receive:

  • Control of feeding components 24/7

  • Detailed reports of feeding

  • Uninterrupted work of feeding operators

  • Control of feed and stock

  • Increased productivity through balanced feeding

  • Recommendations for implementation and monitoring of usage

  • Saving of feeds and feed additives

  • Professional support

RROFEED can control 70% of costs and it is able to improve up to 50% of your feeding result

Press the button and access the feed control on your farm. After registration, you will receive detailed information about PROFEED on your email

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"PROFEED" provides the effectiveness of the entire feeding process on your farm.
The system RROFEED is designed for small farms and for holdings.

How it works
How it works
How it works
  • Compatible with all mixers
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Simple installation
  • Helps to staff properly distribute feed
  • Sends the data to a central server
  • Planning of rations
  • Online feeding control
  • Reports
  • Control of stocks
  • Technologist's profile

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Installing PROFEED and staff training


Warranty, after sales Service


Maximum result


Victor Harkavlyuk
Victor Harkavlyuk
Chief livestock specialist of the branch. Michurina PJSC "Zernoproduct MHP"

I’m using the program a year and 2 months. First I installed it on one farm to evaluate the result and it pleasantly surprised me. Firstly, the result was much improved, both in fattening and in the dairy herd (due to the compliance with the diet), secondly, the paperwork was reduced and the accounting office can control the feed stocktaking by taking the data from the web service. To date, I’m using the PROFEED service on three farms and manage the entire process from a mobile phone.

Ivan Kozak
Ivan Kozak

Good job!

Alexandr Volkov
Alexandr Volkov

I’m using this system for two months, and my income increased about 20%.

Oksana Olexandrivna
Oksana Olexandrivna
Chief livestock specialist LLC "Agroecologia"

For a long time, we were looking for a software for farm feeding management. And one day higher in the Smart Agro Forum, we saw the presentation of this product and decided to try to install it on our farms. To be honest, we did not expect such a result, the worst of our farms in three months of using Profeed became the best! The average milk yield per cow grew by 2 liters of milk. I absolutely recommend everyone to use this solution, you will not regret it.

Олег Колоток
Олег Колоток
главный зоотехник ООО "Мена-Авангард" (Мена)

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Сергей Блюсюк
Сергей Блюсюк
эксперт из систематизации животноводческих ферм

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Орлова Яна Анатолиевна
Орлова Яна Анатолиевна
главный зоотехник ПСП «Родина» (Жовтневе)

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